How The Life Heal Program Works

We have more than nine years of experience customizing meal plans for disease reversal and weight loss.

Extensive research has proven various positive effects of nutrition. Diet affects us at a macro level, and can even affect gene expression with the power to turn on and off many genes found in the body.
Our team works closely with each client to understand their preferences and customize each meal to their liking. We understand food needs to be tasty and satisfying for the program to be a success. We also customize according to your health requirements, be it weight loss or disease remission.
We strive hard for your success. We combine your preferences with your health needs, and create food that will help you meet your goals. It is fool-proof as now as all you have to do is eat!
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“It’s so easy—All you have to do is eat!”

Aditya lost 24 kgs.* | Real Success Story

*Average weight loss expected 6 Kgs per month.

What you get.

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  • Your choice of easy-to-follow plans with a dedicated nutritionist and focus on your health goal

What you do.

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The Life Heal Program is a safe, effective method of disease remission, weight loss, and introduces easy-to-follow principles that allow our clients to enjoy eating and achieve optimal health.


Life Heal plans include the right mix of nutrients from a wide variety of wholesome foods. You’ll reduce disease, lose weight and learn how to keep it off!

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Your dedeicated nutritionist will create a specific meal plan for you and will guide to success!

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Lose up to 10 Kgs in a month

followed by a steady weight loss, until you reach your goal!

*results may vary

Frequently Asked Questions

On any of our Plans, you will be recommended a variety of nutrient dense—high in protein and healthy fat—foods throughout the day to help keep you feeling full. Our portion suggestions are also surprisingly large, and most clients say they are unable to finish their entire meals. If you feel that you are still hungry after eating, you have the flexibility to enjoy additional servings of snacks recommended by your dedicated nutritionist.

Our Plans offers a wide variety of delicious, healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, and sweet and savory snacks, in a range of globally inspired flavors that you’ll love, including Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, Continental, and Italian. Our consulting chefs are previously from 5-star hotel kitchens; we know our Food Plans must be delicious to be successful!

  • As keto continues to be a growing trend in the health and wellness world, we’ve created some Keto options in our Plans to help people lose weight.
  • Depending on your requirements, we recommend different levels of Keto-Friendly foods. This means you’ll enjoy more quality carbs, higher protein levels and more food variety, including foods that are off-limits on the keto diet like milk, whole grains and beans.
  • Our keto–friendly approach to weight loss delivers below 50 grams of net carbs per day. (Net carbs are the total carbohydrates in a food or beverage, minus dietary fiber and erythritol, a type of sugar alcohol.)
  • While our's is a low-carb, good-fat approach, it’s not “strictly keto” or intended to allow individuals to achieve or maintain nutritional ketosis.

If required, we can suggest gluten free ingredients, and you can customize further with your dedicated nutritionist.

Yes, our Plans are very aligned with a Vegan diet and can be further customized with your dedicated nutritionist.

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