Choose the Thyroid Remission Plan That’s Best for You

Our Thyroid Program Looks at Improving TSH, Reducing Weight, and
also at the Root Cause of Why Auto-Immune Disorder Started in the Body

  • Immunity
    Report Card
  • Rs 3,000

  • Great for Those with Frequent Colds

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    • Enhancing Your Immunity

    • Learn what is Lacking in your Immunity
    • Fend off Sickness and Increase Vitality
  • Healthy Home
    Family Plan
  • Starting at

    Rs 6,000/mo

  • Reducing Risk Factors of Coronavirus

  • Select
    • Weight Loss + Immunity
      Right From Home

    • Boost Immunity for the Whole Family
    • Lose Weight/Simplifies Task of Meal Planning 
  • Fit &
    Fabulous Plan
  • Starting at

    Rs 4,000/mo

  • Attacking the Root Cause of Obesity

  • Select
    • Scientific Approach
      Looking Beyond Calories

    • Validated by Over 300 Doctors
    • Repairs Metabolism
    • Proven Results

With All Of Our Plans You'll :

  • Lose weight and learn how to keep it off
  • Get A Dedicated Nutritionist
  • Pro Biotic Options for Gut Health

Safe & Healthy Weight Loss

  • Keto-friendly options
  • Vegan, whole foods diet
  • No artificial sugars or sweeteners

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